How to Treat Laser Hair Removal Burns

The worst side effect one would have during a laser hair removal process is getting your skin burnt. This could happen when the laser’s settings are too high. In case you get accidentally burnt during a laser hair removal session; here is a guide on how you can deal with such a situation:

  • Apply a skin-healing cream on the burnt skin which can be bought over-the-counter at a nearby pharmacy. If the burn is too severe, you will go to a doctor who will prescribe a stronger cream to help in treating the burns.
  • If you will be driving when leaving the spa, open the air conditioner and direct let the burnt area get cooled off. This will ensure that you are more comfortable when driving.
  • Ensure that the burns are always moisturized using aloe vera lotion or gel which can be bought at a local pharmacy. Ensure that you apply a good amount of the lotion or gel to ensure fast recovery from the burns.
  • To treat any discomfort on the burnt skin, apply an ice pack which has been wrapped in a towel and let it stay in the area for fifteen minutes. Repeat as many times as possible until the discomfort goes away. If the burnt area is extensive, bathing with cool water will also help in cooling off the burnt area.
  • If the pain persists, use some pain-relieving tablets like ibuprofen three times every day until the pain goes away.
  • Do not expose the burnt skin to sunlight as it will make the irritations from the burns more severe. If you must go out in the sun, cover the burnt area with a piece of cloth and ensure that you apply a sunscreen lotion on the skin to prevent sunburns.

The best way to avoid such side effects is to have the laser hair removal process carried out by a professional. It may cost you more but the results will be worth every coin you will have spent.

The spa chosen should have a professional doctor who will oversee the hair removal process to ensure that nothing will go wrong. The doctor should check your skin after completion of the laser hair removal process to ensure that there are no burns and if there are, the treatment should begin immediately.

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated as this will facilitate the healing process. You should also avoid touching the burnt area with your hands as this will alleviate the pain.

After the burns have healed, keep the area safe so that you do not suffer from other injuries and avoid exposing it to the sun. You can also apply topical serum to help in reducing the appearance of a scar on the burnt skin. If with time the scar does not go away, you can contact a professional who will conduct a medium chemical peel to help in getting rid of the scar.

The best treatment is to avoid the burn in the first place by getting a professional attend to you.


Benefits of Pediatric Massage

When pediatric massage is carried out in the right way, it will be of great benefit to the child and some of them include the following:

  • Pediatric massage will aid in relaxing and stimulating the child: A child who has gone through a massage session will be able to sleep better. It is also a great way of raising the mood of the baby making him happier.
  • It is a great way of creating a bond between the mother and her child. A mother who does not know how well to massage a child can seek the help of a professional massage therapist who will help her know the best way to massage a child. She can then try and practice these techniques at home which will help in bringing the mother and the child closer.
  • A child who has gone through a pediatric massage is made aware of the different parts of her body. She will experience a new sensation and will be able to use the different parts of her body better.
  • A massage on a baby’s stomach will improve digestion and in case the child is an infant, the occurrence of a colic will be reduced. When there is no problem with the digestive system, the baby will be free from restlessness and will sleep better.
  • A child who has been massaged will be able to concentrate more and this will improve performance if the child is in school.
  • The child will be less irritable and those who are hyperactive will be calmer, making it possible for him to concentrate.

A child who misbehaves may be doing so as a way of seeking attention and giving a massage will be one of the best ways to ensure that this is done. Simply take a stroll to your favorite spa and at the end of the massage, you will walk back home with a happy child and the unruly behavior will be a thing of the past.

When a parent brings her child to the spa for a massage, it is a great opportunity to bond as you enjoy time doing something beneficial to your health. You will be teaching your child of a way they can use their time positively instead of engaging in unlawful activities especially when they are stressed with life’s happening. Look for a time that the child is less active so that you will take a little longer with the massage; a child will not be happy when you pull him from his mates in the midst of exciting activities.

Another important tip is to watch out for is that your child may be more relaxed if you are present when the massage is ongoing. Some may even dislike the idea of having to undress and have somebody touch their bodies. This should be respected and the child allowed to undress to the point she is most comfortable.

Always ensure that the massage is carried out by a professional to avoid harming the delicate body of a child during the massage session. Go to a spa that is run by professionals to avoid putting the life of your child at risk. It may be pricey but the quality of the services offered will be worth every cent you will have spent at the spa. Feel free to click here for more information!






Choosing the Perfect Lash Tech

In your effort to improve your look by the use of classy lash extensions, you will be required to choose the right lash tech as he is the main determinant of the outcome. As always before experimenting consult one of your local experts at Ogden Lash and Wax. Below are important factors to watch out for when choosing the aesthetician to apply your lashes:

  • Training: The lash tech should be trained in a credible institution and have a certificate as proof. He should be knowledgeable and able to answer any questions regarding the lash extension application. If he is just blubbing and does not have a definite answer to your questions, the highest probability is that he is not sure and his application will be based on what he thinks is right which may be wrong.
  • Consultation: The lash extension specialist should be thorough in his assessment during the consultation which should be scheduled before the lash extension application is carried out. He should ask about your allergies, assess the current condition of the natural lashes, and get your medical history as well. If he rushes through the consultation and does not get into such details, you cannot trust him to do a thorough job.
  • Photos of previous work: A professional lash extension specialist should have photos to showcase his previous lash applications. Through the photos, you will be able to gauge if the aesthetician is really good at what he does.
  • Style: Before you go for a lash extension session at a particular spa, you may have gone through the internet and have a specific style you think that it would look perfect for you. You should be able to ask the esthetician if he can fix the lashes in the same style and if he cannot, you can look for a person who can.

If that particular style will not look good on you, the lash specialist should be willing to offer that advice and suggest a style that would go well with your shape.

  • Brands that the lash tech is using: A lash tech’s style will be gauged by the types of materials he is using in the lash extension procedure. If they are low quality, they will not produce good results and the best option will be to look for a lash tech that uses high-quality materials.
  • Price: When lash extension treatment is concerned, you will get the value for your money. If a lash extension spa is charging too little for the entire application, you should be cautious and think twice before you can consider his services. The lashes being applied could be of low quality or he may not be trained and will, therefore, apply the lashes in the wrong way.

The eyes are the windows to your heart and if they look good, they will attract attention and people will be able to see the good in you. If the lashes are clumsy, you will not be confident and in turn, people will be unwilling to associate with you. Get the right person to do the lashes and you will be a scene to behold wherever you go. Though it will cost you more, you will be happy with the results and you will have the lashes lasting longer than those applied by an unqualified person.